Monday, December 15, 2008

Daily Candy

Daily Candy featured me today in their Atlanta edition!

"First came the rubber motto bracelets. Then the oversize rhinestone peace sign necklace. And finally, Stacy and Clinton.

There’s an easier way to show you got the message: sleekly gothic jewelry by Athens metalworker Laurel Hill.

Individually stamped pieces combine personal quotations with an Edward Gorey aesthetic. So you can speak your mind while minding your manners.

Spread the word with silver necklaces, knuckle-dusters, and rings large enough for phrases like “Toujours” and “Love will tear us apart.” (Someone actually requested that one.) Custom orders take about a week and can be done in copper or gold.

Proving your distinct taste and the will to use it?

That’s really making a statement."

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